I want to start over

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I want to start over

Postby Arashikage » Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:23 pm

I've tried just everything I can think of, except for resetting my phone to factory/default. Every time I start the game, it picks up where I left off. I want to start over. I have:

1. Removed App from my Google account
2. Went to app manager and tapped "Clear data"
3. Created a new Google GameID and linked game to that account
4. Uninstalled and reinstalled

Is it just that this game cannot be reset? I have selected a different game (Samurai Siege) in app manager; tapped "Clear data"; logged into Samurai Siege; and found that this game had been reset. What gives? Can an admin just delete my profile/account? In game player name is abbfyrujjxh - yes that's the real name.

For those whom the question is burning, when trying to create a name for my player, every name I threw at it belonged to someone else. Finally after about 15 minutes of failed naming attempts, I got frustrated and entered random characters. The crappy and even more annoying thing is that every failed attempt to rename player from "Guest" showed an "Accept" button, but clicking this button won't get you over the fact that the name cannot be accepted (due to being in use already); however after entering the random characters, I was not given an "Accept" button, or any button for that matter - the game simply ran with the f***ed up name. :x

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Re: I want to start over

Postby Arashikage » Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:37 pm

Since I cannot edit my own post, I have to spam new posts to add more things I've tried...
5. I removed the google account from my phone after clearing data
6. with the new google account signed in on my phone (and before linking the game to this account), the game did not start over, but started where I left off.

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Re: I want to start over

Postby vicent » Tue May 03, 2016 12:06 pm


Please, contact us using the contact form: http://codigames.com/contact/

Give us a list of names, and we will change the name of your current wizard to the first available name on that list.


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