No Orbs From Video Ads

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No Orbs From Video Ads

Postby Arashikage » Fri May 27, 2016 10:08 pm

Not sure what else to do about this problem. When I run out of quest scrolls, I can get another one by watching the video, in which by doing so, players are supposed to be awarded another orb as well. I've been complaining about this for weeks now. This used to be an intermittent problem, but now it's 100% consistent: every time I run out of scrolls and elect to watch the video ad for another scroll, I see the message about being awarded an orb, but my amount of orbs will never increase.

To be clear, I am still receiving orbs from the following:
1. Day 5 sign-in reward
2. Randomly, from cutting down trees
3. Building level tasks (I.E. Sawmill level X)
4. Supplying buildings with items from Merchant

I have removed and reinstalled 'Schools' - no help. I have reset phone to factory settings and then reinstalled 'Schools' - no help. By now, I must have been cheated out of a couple hundred orbs. Seriously, what gives?

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