Anti-attack strategies

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Anti-attack strategies

Postby Anubis » Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:35 pm

Hello Pharaohs. 'Tis Anubis. I am here to tell you the better strategies for every kind of attack.
Physical Shielded: Let's start off wth saying that, Magic towers MUST be used. The best kinds are obiviously thunder. Artillery is also good. This works especially for Mummies and Scorpions. For Djinns, Artillery is better.

Double Shielded: These are the worst. We have Scarabs, who can easily overrun Artillery if not in fast attacking. Healers, well, heal, Sphynxes are just fast and resistant and Golems are basically tanks. Ballistas, Artillery and Ice towers work better.

Magical Shielded: Not much to say, really. Just, don't use Magic towers. Ballistas are the best option, since half of them fly. If we're talking kamikaze, just bomb.

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