General Chat Needs An Update

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Re: General Chat Needs An Update

Postby Brokkrdr » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:01 am

Thanks Vice, an internal option for changing the language would be nice but its just a small step for a better communication system in DL. Clanchat needs a fix since i don't know how long, definetly more than 1.5 year ;)
And really helpfull would be a kind of mailbox for pm's that we can see immadetly if someone had send a message. Especially if anybody is writing a pm who's not in our friendslist or unknown to us it happens very often that the receiving player didnt recognise the small and old popup which is only shown for short moment.
Only increasing gear stats, new pets or a harder dungeon mode which is exactly similar to the excisting modes is not enough to keep the game alive. Many, many fresh player are leaving the game cause of the huge counts of bugs, glitches, or instable/sync failures in some of the most important elements of the game.
Please Codi, more devlopment focus on the long list of known bug, glitches and some deficits in older parts of the DL system like the chats now for example or clan event what don't fit, in this old and simple form, anylonger to the modern Dungeon Legends world.

In a small residue of hope, psype23/brokkrdr 8-)
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Re: General Chat Needs An Update

Postby Zazz » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:38 pm

Greetings Zanzibar * hides back into the shadows *


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