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Postby Papijeepee02 » Mon May 28, 2018 10:57 am


Two pet requests.
- To be able to buy fragments of "IGNIER" pets from the idnetics of other pets.
- Have the opportunity to acquire or win fragments of familiar "STORM". Because the rhythm of the rewards of cooperative events, it will take me a few centuries .... I may be tired .....
All this for a certain equitity in the game.

A comment.
I had a character banned for having a bug in the game. Good nothing to say, it was true, even if it gave no advantage over other players .. ☹
I wonder if you can not apply this rule to some developers, when recurring bugs, changes in rules / rewards during events, penalize players.
All for nothing, it's just a movement of mood ....>-:)

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