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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby Borbovsky » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:16 pm


I see that the dwarf rotation is implemented ;) thanks!! It's a major improvement I knew was hard to implement eehehe just kidding :)

looks awesome !!! Finally :D !! Thanks


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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby kerbs110 » Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:05 am

Congrate to the devs for fixing the friends list and clan chat

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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby Trippa » Sun Jul 17, 2016 1:00 am

vince wrote:Answers:

6 : New heroes type (mage, archer etc)
6 : New dungeons maps (>60)
4 : New bosses in dungeons level
2 : Items auction systems
2 : Companions/pets for Heroes
2 : New daily/weekly event
2 : New blacksmith system
1 : New daily connection rewards
1 : New cooperative dungeons with big rewards
1 : Profile page (wins/loss, etc)
1 : New arena matching system
0 : Clan tournament
0 : New arena maps
0 : New players level (>100)
0 : New minions design
0 : New equipments design

So been over 6 months since this went up. Lets check how we are progressing.

1. New hero types/classes = NONE
2. New dungeons/maps = NONE
3. Boss dungeons = NONE
4. Auction House = NONE
5. Pets = 6
6. Events = 1per week
7. New blacksmith system = NO
8. Daily reward = 3 Gems
9. New Co op dungeons = NONE
10. Profile page = NONE

So to sum up. Just out of the top ten things from the poll. You have accomplished 3 things and they wernt even the top 3.

Now lets look at the 3 things u did accomplish.
5. Pets = are pretty much passive abilities that when maxed out i still collect pieces for that cant be exchanged which makes them useless.
6. Events = 1 a week that if i cant dedicate 4 days to i dont stand a chance. What about some 24hr events? Or something that will actually take more time to kill then loading in? What about some permenant events like the clan one that reset weekly but are lvl restricted. Lvls 40+ 60+ 80+ and 100 to make people want to level to unlock more content.
8. Daily Rewards = This is fine but why not make it consecutive daily logins give more rewards?

Come on codigames. I would love to support this game more, build a community site of my own. But at the moment the community is dead and the game seems to be dying with it.

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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby headcreep » Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:42 pm

Here's another thing I don't get. Why does the store have literally only 2 armour sets for sale?! that's it???
And it's been that way from the beginning :roll:
Developers could easily make the equipment page scroll 100 pages full of standard and unique items for purchase with either gold or gems or both, separate armor from weapons or just mix them all together, it wouldn't really matter. They could update the store weekly to include items from past weeks events so when people miss the events they still have a chance to buy them or if they accidentally sold their entire page of inventory they can at least buy it back. I mean common codigames take a little time and put a decent "equipment" store together.

I would be curious to know how much gold people have from selling off dungeon loot to clear their inventory....all that gold with no store to spend it on. Shame.

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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby Trippa » Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:43 am

Balrog changes!

Once again one of the problem with this game is ability to earn gold quickly at high lvls.
What if you made Baldog a lvl specific weekly dungeon that has a low % chance to drop a helm that increases gold %.
Something like this i suppose
Lvl 10-34 Special = 4% Gold Bonus
Lvl 35-79 Rare = 8% Gold Bonus
Lvl 80-99 Epic = 14% Gold Bonus
Lvl 100 Legendary 20% Gold Bonus
Or something like that. U guys can work out what stats are more suited.
The helm shouldnt sell for much and doesnt have to have great stats because its designed for farming gold, not for pvp.

Hope everyone likes this idea and we gear something soon.

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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby Teraxis » Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:00 am

I would like to first say that I really enjoy this game and I believe with a few minor tweaks now and regular updates this can be a great game. I understand that you guys (codigames) do not have unlimited resources and man power. So with that being said my ideas...

1. I would love to see a arena rework, currently arena is basically pointless. Once you reach level 100 you will never see another opponent in the arena. So the only players that are battling are low level new players and (twinks) players who intentionally stay low level to kill these new players for fun and their trophies this has caused alot of players to not level their characters or do dungeons. I dont believe this is your design. So my idea is offer some rewards for doing arena and attaining level 100. Allow everyone to still do arena as they are currently but only level 100 players can gain or lose trophies. Also trophies should only be gained or lost from battles inside the arena and not from challenging friends. There is nothing stopping you from just farming alts or friends for trophies. Also you should add rewards like maybe vanity items that dont add any stats but make your dwarf look unique. Or maybe even just some unique mystic items. Offer a tiered reward system from arena top players getting rewards lower tiers getting gems or gold. Reset arena trophies and start the rewards all over maybe monthly or every other week. This i believe would encourage players to attain level 100 and get them in the arena battling with other dwarfs.

2. How about a change to co op? Maybe random generated maps and or bosses at every 50 floors or so. Bosses can drop high amounts of gold or maybe low chances of dropping old mystics or legendaries. This would get players excited about PVE and have them battling side by side with friends.

3. Lastly what if we re worked Balrog and instead made it a third event. So instead of pvp or troll event every third week Balrog is the event. You can even use the same graphic, this will be a clan wide event. So you and your clan mates will battle balrog endlessly like the troll event and each clans total damage against balrog will be recorded. So the clans with the highest damage done win rewards. Another tiered reward system with lesser rewards of course because the reward will be clan wide. Maybe top 5~10 clans win a couple million gold and a 100+ gems. Then stagger it down the line. But this is just a suggestion any rewards would be good to me.

Please consider these in future updates i really do love this game. But this game is in desperate need of some more varied content. Whether that is PVE, Clan Events, or Arena rework anything to spice it up. Thanks for reading!


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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby Trippa » Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:33 pm

Another simple idea for yas.
You added the yellow flashy "New" thing to the store.
How about one on the other side of the store that says "Free" and appears everytime ur free pet pieces can be collected again.

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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby Trippa » Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:29 am

And another.
Clan rankings.
So many inactive clans in this game make the fued boring for new clans for a long time.
If a clan has no members online for 1-3months it should be disbanded. This would make it so you only vs active clans and would make fueds more active for all players.

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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby vicent » Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:13 am

Hi there,

Thank you very much for the feedback you have shared in this post. It is really appreciated!

I can tell you that we are working on some new stuff, but currently I cannot share more details about what next updates will include.

I will be able to share more information about what'a next in a few weeks.


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Re: New Ideas? Give Your Opinion!

Postby mi159 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:26 am

A couple of new ideas to revive the explorer and the blacksmith:

-It would be great if the explorer could find pieces of a treasure map. Once we collect all the pieces a new dungeon would unlock and there we could find a treasure. There would be a time limit to collect treasures, for example: collect all the treasures you can in 1 minute.

-Another thing the explorer could find are parts of a unique piece of equipment (that is not a part of a set). Once we collect all the parts the blacksmith could forge that piece of equipment.


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