[GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

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[GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby Teraxis » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:43 am

Stats, Pets, Skills, Secondary Stats and more!

This is a guide aimed to help new players understand the stats they find on their gear and the 5 base stats that come with every dwarf. Also I'll go over pets, how they can be obtained and what they really do. This is by no means a complete guide if you have questions feel free to ask in comments or in game general chat. There is usually someone around to offer advice.

So to start here are the 5 base stats and how they help you.

Strength: This one is simple it increases the damage of your auto attacks. This is a powerful stat that most players favor. Some skills like War Cry and Berserker increase your total Str by a percentage.

Dexterity: This stat dex only increases the dmg of your attack skills such as Floor Breaker, Major Blow, Throw Axe, Charge, Attack Combo and Blade Whirlwind.

Intellect: Your Int increases the effectiveness of your defensive skills such as Iron Body, Heal, Blessed Totem, Restoration.

Physical Defense: Your Pdef decreases the damage you take from other players auto attacks.

Magical Defense: Your Mdef decreases the damage you take from other player offensive skills. Like Charge, Floor Breaker, Major Blow, Throw Axe, Attack Combo, and Blade Whirlwind.

I dont want to tell you how to place your stats that is for you to decide this is simply information to help you make your decisions.


Skills! This section will cover each skill and what it does. Skills can be learned under the Skills tab found to bottom right of your dwarf. Skills unlock at level 6. There is also a set of ? Skills to the far right, these are skills that have not been released yet and are currently impossible to attain. Each skill can be upgraded to a max of ten times. The first 3 levels require only gold to upgrade the next 7 will require orbs also.

Lvl 4- 5 Blue Orbs

Lvl 5- 10 Blue Orbs

Lvl 6- 15 Blue Orb

Lvl 7- 20 Blue 5 Red

Lvl 8- 25 Blue 10 Red

Lvl 9- 30 Blue 15 Red

Lvl 10- 50 Blue 25 Red

Basic Skills-

Throw Axe: a simple ranged ability that throws an axe at a enemy. It's damage is increased by your Dex.

Major Blow: this skill increases the dmg of your next auto attack and its damage is also increased by your Dex.

Heal: a simple heal that restores hp to your dwarf. The amount of hp restored is increased by your Int.

Iron Body: a defensive skill that increases your Pdef, the amount gained is increased by your Int.

Floor Breaker: an AOE attack that strikes nearby enemies, the dmg is increased by your Dex.

Barbarian skills-

War Cry: a skill that increases your Str by up to 180%

Skullbreaker: a stun that damages your opponent, it's damage is increased by Dex.

Ignore Pain: a skill that decreases total damage taken by up to 70%

Charge: a ranged stun that's dmg is increased by your Dex.

Berserker: a buff that increases your Str by up to 160% and increases your Attack Speed by up to 90% it also decreases your Pdef by up to 1500.

Edged skills-

Wind Speed: increases your AS by up to 100%

Attack Combo: a fast attack that's dmg is increased by your Dex

Piercing: decreases your opponents Pdef by up to 40%

Critical Strike: guarantees a critical hit.

Blade Whirlwind: a spinning attack that knocks back your opponents, it's dmg is increased by your Dex.

Blessed Skills-

Speed: increases your movement speed by up to 60%

Blessed Heal: and AOE heal that heals all allies within its range for a short time, increased by your Int.

Concentration: makes you immune to stuns for a short time.

Restoration: heals all allies one time, increased by Int

Invulnerable: makes you immune to all dmg except poison! For a short time.

Fortunate skills-

Midas Touch: increases your amount of gold gained by up to 100%

Treasure Hunter 1: increases your chance of finding a special weapon, like poison/freeze/gold find/kamikaze/wild rage/burn/traps/speed, by up to 50%

Training: increases your EXP gained by up to 100%

Treasure Hunter 2: increases your chance of finding rare weapons(blue) by up to 50%

Invisibility: makes you invisible for a short time.


Next I'll go over secondary stats these are stats that are found solely on the gear you wear. Head, chest, feet, weapon, shield.

Critical Chance CC: this is a % stat that increase your odds of critically striking your opponent. A critical strike is increased by the amount of Critical Damage you have.

Critical Damage CD: another % stat that boosts the damage done when Critically hitting your opponent.

Critical Damage Reduction CDR: Reduces your enemies Critical Damage by X%

Attack Speed AS: increases your melee attack speed by a %

Life Stealing% LS%: steals hp from your opponent by a % of your damage. Ex if you hit for 100 and have 25% LS then you get a 25hp heal.

Life Stealing# LS#: takes a set amount of hp each swing, ex if you have 25 LS# then you get 25hp every hit.

Health# HP#: increases your hp by the # listed.

Health% HP%: increases your HP by a set percentage.

Mana#: increases total mana capacity by the number stated.

Mana Regen MR: regenerates a set # of mana every second.

Health Regen HR: increases your hp by a set # every second.

Mana Reduction%: decreases the mana cost of all skills by a %.

Movement Speed%: this increases your movement speed by a %

Strength #/%: your Str is increased by a % or a flat number.

Dexterity #/%: your Dex is increased by a % or a flat number.

Intellect #/%: your Int is increased by a % or a flat number.

Physical Defense #/%: your Pdef is increased by a % or a flat number.

Magical Defense #/%: your Mdef is increased by a % or a flat number.


Now I wanna go over pets, what they do, how they are obtained and general information. Pets were added recently and I expect there will be more to come I'll try and update when I see them.

First of all pets level up! They cannot level past your own level and they only gain exp from completing dungeons(not including Inferno). You do not get exp per mob kill, in feud, in co op, in events etc. only the number of exp gained at the end of the dungeon increases your pets exp. They also can only gain 20 levels per star evolution, so for example a 2* Tylin maxes out at lvl 40. While a 5* Poison Wings maxes out at level 100.

You get your first free pet at level 12. Trylin/Morten/Golden Golem are the possible pets. Randomized which one you get. You can also get pet shards via the Daily Pack for free. Usually contains 3-6 pet pieces and 3-6 potions. You can also buy the pet packs for 90 gems containing atleast 20 pet pieces and 30 potions. Or there are sometimes Ultra Premium Packs for 130 gems each containing 20 pieces and 40 potions with an increased chance of gaining pieces for a specific pet.

So these are all the current pets and what they do-

Morten: a 5* pet that reduces your chance to be critically hit by up to 35%
It also increases your HP, Mana, and Str.

Trylin the Blue: is a 2* pet that drains your opponents mana by 10 mana per sec. Also if you are 10 lvls higher than your opponent the effect is increased by 30% making it 13 mana per sec reduction. This reduction completely negates your opponents mana regen so even if your opponent has 60 mana regen per sec it makes that 0 and reduces their mana per sec by 10/13. This pet also increases your Mana, Dex, and Int.

Golden Golem: this is a 3* pet that increases your invulnerable skill duration by up to 3 seconds. It also increases your Mana, Str, and Pdef.

HK-P3T: this pet increases your charge distance by up to 3 meters. Also increases your HP, Dex, Mdef.

Guardian of the Blue Path: this pet gives you up to a 70% chance to reject stun effects. Also it increases your HP, Int, and Pdef.

Poison Wings: this pet has the Poison special effect it can deal up to 210 dmg per second to an enemy for 10 seconds at a time. Also if your intellect is greater than your opponents he will be slowed by 30% Also it will increase your HP, Mana, and Str.

Maka-Ahon: this pet has a % chance to restore all your hp when you recieve a critical hit. Increases your hp, str, int.

Thay- this pet gives up to a 30% chance of hitting for double your damage for one strike. You also will recieve 50% of that damage. Increases hp, dex, int.

Emet- this pet increases the range and dmg of the floor breaker skill also gives it a % chance of stunning your opponent. Increases mp, str, dex.

Ignier- this pet returns up to 23% of the dmg you recieve from auto attacks with a 14% chance of full healing you. Increases int, pdef, and MS by up to 25%

Eir- this pet gives you up to 18% chance of increasing your life by 16% when hitting a target with a critical. Decreases str by up to 13%. Increases hp, pdef, and AS by up to 25%

Wukong- increases your Str by up to 400% the lower your hp the more str you gain. Increases hp, str, and pdef.

Fury- increases your AS by up to 200% the lower your hp the more AS you gain. Increases hp, mp, and pdef.

Soul- this pet will make you invulnerable for a short time after you use the heal skill. Has a cooldown of 50 secs. Increases hp, mp, int.

Dark Pact- increases your str by up to 10 points every time you are hit by a normal attack and 10 pdef points whenever you are hit by a critical. Increases hp.

Promoted Demon- this pet gives a % chance of stunning your enemy when you recieve a critical blow. Increases hp, mp, and pdef.

Leviathan- increases your healing and life regen by a % reduces your defenses by a %. Increases hp, mp, and int.

Storm- Shoots lightning out at a random opponent every few seconds depending on * level, dmg is based on your str.

Sage- Reduces mana costs by 10%-??%

Trainer- Reduces the time you remain stunned by 15%-??%


Blacksmith and Explorer

Your BS and Explorer are helpful in game tools. Recently the exporer has become devalued, you can get gold and some legendary items if your lucky from the explorer but thats about it. So ill focus on the Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith can upgrade your gear so you can add stats to them. You can only add to exisiting stats. So say your ring as pdef% and str% when you upgrade it you can only increase one of those stats. I would not recommend upgrading stats like str# or hp# because you get so few extra stats from it. If you had a weapon with 600 str# on it then you upgraded that you would only gain 1str#. But if you had a weapon with 10% str and you upgraded that you would gain another str% taking you to 11%. I highly recommend you focus on upgrading % stats.

Each quality of gear can be uograded a certain amount of times its listed at the bottom of the item for example mystics can be upgraded a maximum of 10 times. Your BS gains exp everytime it upgrades an item no matter the quality. I recommend you keep upgrading white gear it takes the shortest amount of time to upgrade and costs the least. Here are the levels required to upgrade different gear rarities.

Common: 0
Special: 10
Rare: 20
Epic: 35
Legendary: 50
Mystical: 60


Lastly I want to go over the special effects and where to find them.

There are some Legendary Hellfire swords out there that have a special effect on them. These swords can be found randomly from Feud, Co-Op, Explorer, and dungeons. Also the mithril armor set found in the store contains two effects one on boots and another on the chest. Recently these effects have been added to the event armor sets. So I'll just go over the effects we know of and briefly describe what they do.

Poison: this effect deals 50 damage per second to your opponent.

Burn: this effect reduces your opponents Pdef.

Freeze: this effect greatly slows your opponent.

Kamikaze: this effect causes your body to explode dealing dmg to nearby enemies.

Wild Rage: this effect progressively increases your AS.

Invulnerability to Traps: this effect allows you to freely walk over traps.

Gold Bonus: increases the amount of gold received from each drop.

Experience: a special effect that increases your exp gained, I do not know if this effect is working properly.

Light Feet: if you don't take dmg for awhile your movement speed is greatly increased.

Blessing of the Righteous: this is an effect that causes an aoe heal for 120 hp every fifth auto attack.

Frozen Soul- reduces your opponents AS.

Midas Touch- doubles the gold you gain from minions.

Zombie Claws- occasionally launches a attack that deals 250 dmg and slows your enemy.

Frozen Claws-occasionally launches a attack that deals 250 dmg and slows your enemy.

Valhynds Protection- increases your pdef by a %

Fire Dragon-this affix makes a tiny dragon rotate around you dealing 50-60 dmg to all targets in range.

Benediction of the Just-increases the reach of your auto attacks.

Well that's all I have for now, tons of information here I hope you enjoyed reading it and left knowing something you did not know before. Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment if something is incorrect. Also any new changes with the game I'll try and keep this updated.

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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby Teraxis » Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:59 am

Recently I was asked the best way to counter special effects. There is no good way of preventing their effects but I'll try and list some ways of mitigating them.

Poison: ticking debuff cannot be reduced by your Pdef or mdef, you simply must heal through it and kill your opponent before he kills you.

Freeze: only takes 1 hit to apply the slow on you so no real way of avoiding it. Try and make your opponent come to you. Heal and keep your defenses up, use charge to try and stun your opponent and keep him still.

Wild Rage: increases AS so the best way to counter this is by stunning your opponent and keeping your defenses and heals going.

Burn: lowers Pdef so once again use cool downs and heal through the de buff.

Hope this helped!

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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby crabz » Sat Aug 27, 2016 5:03 am

This guide is awesome Teraxis, been sending it to a few local players... well done mate.

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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby *Саша* » Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:13 am

Hi, Teraxis!
A very comprehensive and informative post! Special respect for your efforts! Regards ;)

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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby Teraxis » Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:50 pm

Check the guide for more recent BS info.

I left out the blacksmith! So here goes.


The blacksmith will upgrade your gear, I believe it opens at level 9?
When you first get it you can only upgrade white ordinary gear with a max of 10 times per item. It takes 1 hour per upgrade at first.
BS level 10 you can upgrade green special gear 15 times at 30 mins per.
BS level 35 can upgrade blue rare gear 20 times.
BS level 80 can upgrade purple epic gear 25 times.
BS level 100 allows legendary yellow upgrades 30 times.
Mystical gear cannot be upgraded by the blacksmith yet.
5 minutes I believe is the shortest upgrade time.

After upgrading an item you get three chests to choose from each containing a stat that is on the upgraded item. This is random which stat appears inside, if it undesirable you can watch a video to select another chest. Some stats give different amounts for example you can receive 1-4 INT for one upgrade, but STR,CD,AS can only give 1 stat at a time.

Fastest way to level the blacksmith is to watch videos, 50 vids per day per device. Some countries have reported fewer videos available. Or you can just upgrade naturally and wait out the timers casually that's up to you.

Lemme know if I left something out or if you have questions!
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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby funkydung » Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:49 am

Nice Guide, was reading it again bq i was looking for an answer, how to level pets if you already lvl100.

In Dungeons its semms sometimes you gain pets xp, but not at feud or in events. can anyone confirm that?

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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby Teraxis » Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:56 am

Funkydung: yes that's true, pets only gain exp from dungeon completion. So if you are looking to level a pet it's best to just spam dungeons. I recommend dungeon 62/65 any high level dungeon with a lot of minions should yield decent exp.

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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby SENDER9K » Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:56 pm

Is it known if you hit critical that your lifesteal % will gain off your base damage or the critical damage?
If you have 100% critical chance - will every attack be critical?

Also I know the game is about exploring and making it your own by trying new builds - can anyone give me feed back on going:

BIG on physical/magic defense, this might be good for tag-along co-ops but not suitable for solo dungeons.
high ATK Speed + Lifesteal, can you maintain HP or will mobs wear you down?

Any build that seems to be working well? I'm currently level 20 and just accumulated 100 gems. deciding on doubling my hearts or purchasing the mithril armor set. mostly looking for what stats to stack on items. But after reading your guide, including STAT bonuses would affect spell/ skill choices which would compliment or off-set other areas. :?

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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby Teraxis » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:39 pm

LS% is effected by your Crits, so a 1,000 dmg crit paired with a 50% LS% will net you a 500hp heal.
100% CC will guarantee a critical every hit.

Mdef will only reduce the dmg you take from player skills so that's purely a pvp stat. Pdef is a good all around stat for Pvp and Pve. I recommend Int highly this is the best stat for team play. Increases the amount of your heals to aid your allies in co op, feud, and even troll event. Also through Iron Body you can get a huge Pdef increase that's caused by your Int.

AS and LS% paired with a high Str is an awesome way to get to high level minions in feud because you are constantly stealing large amounts of health.

Buy your hearts first having 10 will allow you to place higher in events and possibly make more gems. Or I would recommend the 5$ pack that comes with 200 gems and the 10 heart upgrade for free. Get your trainer bribe, hearts, and mithril with that one.

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Re: [GUIDE] Guide to Pets, Stats, Skills and more!

Postby SENDER9K » Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:01 pm

Thank you!

I might head in the 100% crit or Lifesteal builds
I got the mithril armor and I like it, but I found the EPIC armor in chapter 3 that grants +Defense% which I think is more helpful than the +flat hp of mithril even though its legendary. I will keep it for gold bonus, but when I have it and the gold find perk on I don't find much increase to the gold at all, does it have diminishing returns?

Also if I have the Rare item finder perk on, will it also help find epic/ legendary or RARE only?

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