Dev's and coalition please explain

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Re: Dev's and coalition please explain

Postby Vodkaneat » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:04 pm

Teraxis wrote:woo hoo maybe now we can catch those silly lost boys!

Only if you play us, or we may be able to drag this out for months! :D Seriously though, feud gods, please don't match us :roll:

Temnota wrote:I meant "your clan" when I used the word "you". I think the essence is clear

Point accepted Temnota :) Although I doubt there are many clans at the moment who haven't had points quicker than normal due to feuds ending, or loss of points as Joss would point out.

I haven't noticed that update yet... Maybe iOS is getting some last minute love...

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Re: Dev's and coalition please explain

Postby Malizia » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:47 am

Jafa wrote:
« It would appear that GG has raised it's ugly head again. Shock, horror, someone cheating. This time it's coalition's Mr big spender and his pals. They not only use it but are also so thick they talk about it in clan chat. Tut tut codi you should monitor these chats. I have attached a SS of the chat and a translation. Parkiux hang your head in shame. As per codi's TOS I expect a total ban »

My poor Jafa, I think that your paranoïa desise is going worse. May be you should stop to smoke bad erbs?
The chat betwen Parkius and Lapikouze was about the x2 item for pvp évent. Parkius was complaining that it was the first time for him to open more than 10 box at 70 gems and Lapikouze anwerd that he spent in 2 évents 10500 gems for nothing. Parkius said that to win gems it was easy for him and Lapikouze upsad said well good game and stoped to speak. But you know all that because you have cut just 2 sentences to this chat... what did you expected? A ban for Coalition? A ban for Parkius? Be serius!

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Re: Dev's and coalition please explain

Postby Teraxis » Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:30 am

Just an observation about the simultaneous feuds.

Before when you went to declare for feud you would hit the clan button then hit war. It would say searching for opponent, then shortly it would show you your opponent or say no opponent found.

Recently this has changed when i go to declare nowadays you hit the war button and nothing... hit it again nothing... when you restart the game you see your opponent.

Quite possibly these multiple simulataneous feuds are being caused because of this. You hit the button too many times and bam now your in feud with more than one clan.

Hopefully the developers look into this.

@joss@vodka and anyone else is this true for you? Has the way you are matched with opponents changed with one of the recent updates?

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Re: Dev's and coalition please explain

Postby Vodkaneat » Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:58 am

Yes Tera, I've noticed exactly the same behaviour recently.

You click to search for a feud, there is a short refresh of the screen and it's as if you never clicked, no message, no war. When you restart DL, it then shows a war has started.

Perhaps multiple clicking on this start feud is starting multiple wars...

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Re: Dev's and coalition please explain

Postby vicent » Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:51 am

vicent wrote:Hi there!

Sorry for not updating you about the clan feud, but the team is still working on it.

We are aware of the issues with the clan feud, and, as I said, the team is looking into it. There are currently two issue the team is checking:
- Clan feud that ends early.
- Clan with more than one active feud.

The first issue should be fixed with the update the team will upload later today, but we will continue monitoring the feudsafter the update, just to be sure.

We are still workingo to reproduce the second issue, and fix it.

I am aware that clan feuds are very popular, but they are also a very complex part of the game. Reproducing a glitch or finding what is causing it is not as easy as you might think.

I will update you once the second issue is fixed. Hopefully, the team will be able to do it without uploading a new version of the game client.


As I said, there were two known problems about the clan feuds.

Both of them should be fixed after the server update made this weekend.

If you notice that there are any feud that end early, or you are still having more than one active feud, please let me know, or contact our support team.

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