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New Features

Postby Montthetrbl » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:12 pm

To your credit I did see advertising from your Twitter..... that said, I feel that even the seasoned players are becoming frustrated with nothing but bug fixes! Throw us a bone Vincent, when do we see an actual update?

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Re: New Features

Postby vicent » Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:53 am

Hi there!

Unfortunately, I cannot share a date for the next update :(

However, I can tell you that the team is focused on improving the wars. We are aware that currently the wars are played in the last 10 minutes, and there are some ideas to improve this. Some of them were shared on this forum, and all of them are being taking into account ;)

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Re: New Features

Postby White-Black » Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:56 am

Vincent, it’s good to know you’re working on the “Wars” features ... especially as the exact same 3 kingdoms have come in 1-2-3 ... again and again, and two of them since the Wars started! Most of the members from the previous Death From Below (now mostly members of Death Dealers) actually took a war season “off” simply to let another kingdom take a winning spot. If Codi don’t limit how many 100’s can participate in a single kingdom, the same kingdoms are simply going to continue to take the prizes.

Codi’s Wars feature is worldwide, and as you say Codi has thousands of players; however, looking at the worldwide list of kingdoms (of which there have always been fewer than 120), there are far fewer kingdoms now than when the wars system started (approximately half!), and most of the remaining kingdoms (excluding the top 10 maybe) are simply empty shells now with high percentages of members who have not logged in for more than seven days. So we can all see that the game is dying and it’s because Codi hasn’t separated the noobs from the more powerful players (weekly event) and new vs established kingdoms (wars), and the noobs and less strong kingdoms simply get crushed. And no one is going to continue play & pay while losing for long.

I love the game, but I haven’t logged in since last Monday. I’ll go MIA this coming Monday and will probably be done. I’ll watch the forum to see if any of these issues have been fixed from time to time. I’m just one out of the “thousands of Lords and Castles players”, but I was a consistent $10-20 per week player, and I imagine others who have come and gone spent something similar per se to play with leaders in the wars and participate in the weekly event.


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