Simple war update required

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Simple war update required

Postby ratttt » Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:40 pm

Vicent, Miriam,

The wars are fun but spoilt by blocking. Blocking is where teams deliberately use other "dead" teams to launch an attack on their kingdom and stop other stronger teams from attacking.

Easy to do. Simply get a player with sufficient trophy count to enter a dead kingdom as a Duke, then launch a war. Then leave. A kingdom with 3 low level dead kingdoms attacking prevents stronger teams from winning. Some see this as cheating, and it is definitely a loophole within the game that us being exploited and spoiling the fun.

There are a few simple options to fix this.

1. Give kings the sole authority to start wars. This is in-line with history. A preferred option as a king will also have to stay with the kingdom for a period of time but increase the time duration to 5 days before they can leave.

2. Have Kings appoint Dukes. This would be in-line with history. If Dukes are appointed by the king, they can have the authority to start wars too.

This simple change would make the game more appealing.

No gems required for this simple mprovement suggestion. Oh go on then.....

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