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More suggestions

Postby GrizzlyAdam » Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:52 pm

I am posting this on behalf of my friend Monty who is in my kingdom, for some reason the forums aren't working for him today.

Hey Vincent, got a couple suggestions again. :D I know.........

The treaty sets have never worked, except for stopping a kingdom at 4 of each. This needs to be adjusted to the power of the kingdom. Limits need to be set on kingdoms that have 5+ level 90 members. It is a bit much when 4 kingdoms can all align together and basically have none of their own cells on the battle field. This should be reserved for the weaker kingdoms ng domes.

Also, on the multiple defensive wars, there needs to be a timer between when these can start. Double and triple attacks are ridiculous for a kingdom to try to defend with exact same end time. There should be a 15 minute gap...... my kingdom has been on both sides, and on the defense, it does really suck.

Just a couple suggestions.. hope you can have considered. Thanks

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