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Weekly Event

Postby vgar » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:34 pm

Hi Vincent,

The Halloween update is always great to see each year. I enjoy the pumpkins, scenery, etc. I have also been enjoying the new upgrades to Defense and science.

I am writing with a concern though. I do not enjoy the weekly events anymore. It seems I need to spend 12 to 15 hours of dedicated play time to finish the event each week. By the end of the event, I often feel burnt out and don’t wish to play for a while. In the past, during one weekly event, I bought 20 or more event chests to help me speed things up. Afterwards, I concluded that they are waste of my gems and / or money. A squad token and common talisman didn’t advance me much in the event. Epic talisman’s seem rare.

May I make a suggestion? Why not have EVERY event chest contain 4 or 5 Epic Talismans? I would gladly purchase 10 to 20 chests every week if this were the case! Why? Because I don’t have more than 4 or 5 hours of dedicated time to complete the events during the weekend. Imagine if all players were like me (which they probably are). If all players bought 10 to 20 chests per week - spending $20 or more each week - this game would generate a lot more money for Codi AND you’d have happier players who are excited to play again!

I play games that I feel I am winning at or making good progress at. I don’t feel that way about this game during the weekly events. Many other players seem to go inactive because they feel the same way.

I’m sure the newer players find the weekly event even more discouraging because they are getting hammered by higher ranking players every week. Since these players are new, they may not have the right leader to help them advance faster in the event, and don’t get higher than the 2nd event chest. This might discourage them as well.

How many players actually finish the weekly event? 5% or less would be my guess. Perhaps that is why so many players seem to be going inactive on this game! Please change the weekly event - I think you’d be please with the end results, and so would the players.

Thanks for listening,

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