improve wars

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improve wars

Postby Montthetrbl » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:14 pm

Please focus your attenti9n on the wars. Quit the 5 minute timers, and have it based on time holding the lead, or cells taken \ defended. The coming soon troop would be nice too. I’m done with it till you make some real changes to wars. A 36 hour war is just a 6 minute fight at the end

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Re: improve wars

Postby Lordkale » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:14 am

Codi, we have been talking about this for months on game chat and in private chats we have created elsewhere. I believe most of the people who participate in wars would like to change it to a total time held objective. So whoever held the cells for the most time wins the war. We feel this will make wars more interesting and allow the whole 36 hours to be relevant and not just the last 6 minutes of it. Also we fear the top kingdoms are on a completely different skill level and the same few kingdoms will always win therefore never allowing other kingdoms to grow and enjoy the feeling of competing against equal skill level competition, this discourages new players wanting to participate in wars and therefore game does not see growth with new players. We are suggesting going to a 3 tier system rookie, amateur, pro. This method would allow players to compete on a more equal playing field therefore adding enjoyment to game instead of frustration.
Most players that play this game are very loyal and would like to keep playing but if codi doesn't implement war changes i fear there will be a mass exodus and game will fail. None of us want that to happen so please make haste with changes and please dont give us the generic "we will look into it" answer. I think the loyalty we as gamers have shown codi deserve an equal amount of a loyalty from codi in giving factual clear answers. Example: yes we understand the imperfections of the war setup and will have the new format released on this day.
Thanks from the loyal gamers

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