Solutions to improve the game.

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Re: Solutions to improve the game.

Postby Jamie899 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:14 am

First of all no one is or was being condescending. If it comes across that way then there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication. We as a small group are trying to come up with “simple” ideas to help improve the game. We are hoping for some quick easy fixes that can be implemented perhaps next war season or two(hopefully). We are not telling others to not comment or offer suggestions but negativity on these threads/ forum do none of us any good. We all have to work together. That means putting aside any animosity any of us have with an individual or a kingdom. Especially considering the time and money we have all invested in this game. Again we WELCOME suggestions and hopefully Codigames considers the many suggestions and comments and makes changes accordingly.

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Re: Solutions to improve the game.

Postby » Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:05 pm

Well said Jamie.

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Re: Solutions to improve the game.

Postby Lucid » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:50 am

Remove trophies...or utilize them in a way that levels are matched more appropriately. a Lvl 95 shouldn't be attacked by a level 25 and vice versa. People drop in trophies to farm out the lower level accounts who then have a hell of a time trying to level up.

Increase effectiveness of Soldiers and Archers. Last update negated the level increase. Decrease build times for meds, rams, fliers. Especially for wars where super high level battles need such troops.

Chests: if a here is maxed they should not be receiving bonus increases since they are ineffective.

Remove the ridiculous "special" of $160 in app purchase from popping up. I had this accidentally purchased ...had to speak to Apple to reverse the charge. Your pricing scheme is highway robbery. I hope people are paying for crappy upgrades and useless chests etc. Make the in app purchases more relevant. Example pay for hero upgrades for your specific hero. As opposed to a crap shoot.

MY FAV: SPECIAL TROOPS....if I provide troop support to someone those troops could be considered "Black Ops". With higher stats against opponents. Doing so will encourage supporting troops. Additionally, if a player asks for RAMS then they should only be allowed to receive RAMS. This helps speed up war support without misreading the request.

Battalion Rage: If you use 40 soldiers they increase their stats temporarily. Same with Archers.

GOLD: Make them useful again. I am always maxed out. Maybe GOLD level buildings require both wood and gold?

AI Unit Paths: Better paths are required. I hate seeing a group of units going the long way back and forth across the centre area of a map to attack a wall for no reason. They can also avoid hill where applicable.

Event Rewards are weak....who has use for 5000 wood?? You need to spend a ridiculous amount of gems or play non stop for 3 days to complete the events. Make them more reasonable.

Alternate FAV: Create a kingdom for CODI and get your developers playing. We want to wage war against you...well at least I do:) If you guys play then at least you will feel our frustration.

Consider for $60 the quality of a PS4 / XBOX game I can buy...why would I ever want to spend that much on a few gems to speed up a tower or troop build etc...calm down on your pricing strategy.

Dropouts still occur...usually when I beat a castle and obtain over 500k in wood...blegh....

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Re: Solutions to improve the game.

Postby Ambassadors of L&C » Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:03 pm


Thanks for taking the time to comment on our thread. We like some of the things you have suggested, but like WB’s suggestions, we feel that they were placed in the wrong thread. The event improvements should be in the thread titled “Weekly Event”. We are hoping that simple solutions will help get the ball rolling and we will get a lot of improvements in the future.
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