Codi, these issues should be fixed ASAP

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Codi, these issues should be fixed ASAP

Postby White-Black » Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:32 pm

Here are the main problems killing Lords & Castles:

1) You have a good newbie leaderboard for under lvl 10?, and then you throw them into the regular game too early. New players should have a leaderboard up to lvl 30, period ... they can’t fight in wars till 40ish anyway, and they can’t attack and hold cells till 80ish.

2) You’re doing the same with newbie kingdoms ... there’s only one leaderboard for all kingdoms and the smaller and lower kingdoms simply get slaughtered. There are fewer and fewer kingdoms participating each war season and many are bloated with players who have left the game.

3) You only have (3) placements in the leaderboard for 100 kingdoms, with 20ish “fair” kingdoms, and 2 kingdoms full of 102s.

4) You’re allowing kingdoms to use “weak” kingdoms to “block” others from attacking.

5) You’re allowing kingdoms to reattack the same kingdoms thereby allowing the “bully kingdoms” to block other kingdoms from moving up the ranks.

6) You’re allowing cheaters to exist on the platform and not removing them in a timely manner.

Any discussion on improvements would be appreciated!


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