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Update Ideas

Postby thtboyjr » Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:16 pm

game lags out constantly or glitches when making too many purchases, too fast.

attacking is virtually impossible i.e. weak characters. character level should dictate more effectiveness. maybe equip-able armors, weapons, or upgradable/unlock-able attributes or abilities for characters. also, with the amount of defense rooms there are, I don’t personally feel as though the amount of characters is sufficient to carry out a successful raid.

character glitch when on staircases i.e. shooting from top of stairs and breaking the doors then getting jammed at bottom of staircase when told to enter room causing defensive hero to get a few key shots in on the attacking characters.

where are the zombies? maybe having horde wave attacks when offline for bonus stars instead of stars being won solely off attack’s and defenses. also on the zombie topic, maybe have them float around on the surface of the base instead of it being a beautiful , sunny day all the time.

zombie catching room - (depending on whatever HQ room level y’all decided) maybe have [upgradable] fences be an option in the defense category of build options for the outside surface of the base. along with those fences, if the wandering zombies possibility is viable, have various [upgradable] traps to be able to catch them when they’re wandering. they’ll automatically appear in the “zombie catching room” up to a certain amount and you can chose to either execute or keep for attacks/defense.

“catchable”zombie characters - possibly upgradable. maybe even different kinds i.e. tanks, scatterers, soldiers, etc. usable for both attacks and defenses. whether or not they’re respawnable for attacks if killed in defense is up to y’all.

daily log in awards. bigger, better awards each day logged in. to go along with that, don’t have the log in be so convoluted. keep small, intriguing icons on the outsides of the screen with a banner that says “new” or something along those lines to indicate a deal, update or news. too much on the screen and too many notifications at once is a bit overwhelming.

this game has a lot of upside so I’m really looking forward to future updates and additions. I hope I was able to create some possible value to be considered. thank you..!

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Re: Update Ideas

Postby vicent » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:20 am

Thanks for the feedback!

It is really appreciated :)

There will be a new update soon with some important new features ;)

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Re: Update Ideas

Postby lord alfa » Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:17 pm


Lead your squadron against zombie hordes, and defeat the undead. Attack the locations where they stand, and recover resources to help your people. There is a war against the undead, and you can help finish it.

that's what u say..but there's nothing of it on the game :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Did u ever say a zombie game without zombies on it????
we need a map 2 there location or something like that
and how can i join the event...what's the rules 2 join ????

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