I got your own Ideas of what you need!

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I got your own Ideas of what you need!

Postby RyanTheNarrator » Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:12 am

The survivors I've found in one of the images of zombie faction.....I've found these! I'm serious!

Vincent,if you read this forum,get to know what it can! Or just proceed your own ideas.

Mike [Rare] The mountain climber. [worker]
Equipment: Blunt climbing axe / climbing axe

Danny [Legendary] The football player [Fighter]
Description: his charging speed is capable of wiping out enemies in front of him.
Skill: Charge!
Equipment: Broken football helmet / football helmet

Ted [Common] The farmer [fighter]
Description: His pitchfork deals heavy damage and his skill will make him immune and stronger.
Skill: Milk of Rage
Equipment: Old pitchfork / pitchfork

Carl [Epic] The mercenary [fighter]
Description: attacks two targets in a distance,and his assault rifle can take out groups of enemies.
Skill: Metal shower
Equipment: Dirty Glocks / Glocks

New Turret: Cart turret- Shoots intruders with a machine gun,even it was out of range,it moves by itself.

Hope this update may happen in the future,and if my idea works,I will show you the new zombie clown,Mr.Nose.he is equipped with and umbrella and he has and explosive jack-in-the-box.

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Re: I got your own Ideas of what you need!

Postby vicent » Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:32 am


We appreciate yor suggestions for new characters, and items. They are great ideas :)

I can assure you that the team is aware of your suggestions. They pay attention to every idea players send. Unfortunately, not all the ideas are included in the game.

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