Last request for Zombie Faction!

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Last request for Zombie Faction!

Postby RyanTheNarrator » Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:36 pm

Replace Jake skill if you want to make this game fair.
Metal Shower: Deal some subtained damage in a room with bullets. Lasts for 3 seconds.
(Fires Random damage at groups of enemies, good against zombie hordes.but less effective against tougher ones like Little Bobby,Martinez,or Skimmer.)
[Jake:That's not fair!
O'Connor: Yes, it is fair!
Jake: No, it's not!
O'Connor: Yes, it is! Mp5 VS Minigun. ]

White (Legendary) (with Wolf skin on his head and a red jacket.)
Weapon used: Assassin Bow
White was a hunter who hunted 30 types of wild animals in a year. As for pride and justice,
She kills zombies for the return of nature with her bows and arrows.
-Her arrows can pierce 3 targets at once, increasing damage overtime.
Skill: Explosive arrow. (Blows up a room with a touch of an explosive tip.)

Alexander (Common) (An Casual Fireman clothes)
Weapon used: Fire Axe
Speaking of firefighting, he used to fight fire with fire. He was too bold enough to face the dead.
-He can break down Barricades in one hit.
SKill: Pumped up! (Strikes one enemy in a huge damage, immune to all attacks for 3 seconds.)

That's the last of my ideas! Jake, Odie,White and Alexander will be in a new map called Quarantine Zone.

Quarantine Zone is the last map in Zombie faction.
Fame needed: 1500

I will return for more ideas about bug fixes or new events! (Stairs and Barbed wire problems,New Runner and Meleer zombies, and 1 new undead Zombie,Big Frank, The Butcher Zombie. )

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