Zombie faction Ideas

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Zombie faction Ideas

Postby RyanTheNarrator » Thu May 10, 2018 4:33 am

New Survivors!

- Meet Jake,the operator.
get this fighter at the radioactive zone! he has a 9 metre range and he has a rapid fire skill that inflicts random damage at groups of enemies.

-Meet Snowy,the tiger.
get this fighter at the decaying wasteland! this beast can deal heavy damage and pounces on a targeted enemy.

Play Zombie modes instead of raiding enemy bases! attack zombie bases will not give you fame but give you good rewards!
-Infected Mall

Warning! if you did not come back to the game for a few hours,zombies will approach at your door,prepare yourself!

-Fixing grandma glitches
-checking system problems
-Buy blueprints at the store section for upgrading survivors' equipment.
-Increase Resources' capacity at the orchard.

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