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Need more help?

Postby RyanTheNarrator » Tue May 22, 2018 12:57 pm

Latest Ideas:

Fix Grandma glitches
Bug fixes and improvements

New Survivors:

Jake, the SWAT officer. He preforms a quick,3 round burst damage in a distance.
Attack speed: 0.90 Equipment: Mp5
Range: 8 metres Skill: Rapid rire - Fires a 20 shot burst in groups of enemies in a room.

Rocky,the football player He can resist a lot of damage and brutally attacks enemies including his skill.
Attack speed: 0.69 Equipment: Football helmet
Range: 1 metre Skill: Charge! - He will charge and strike the first 3 enemies,inflicting heavy damage.

Reach Headquarters to level 12 to get a 6th slot for team formation!

Give perks to workers

Adele: Harvest: adds one capacity of supplies at the orchard.
Tariq: Food Cook: Increase 25% reward of drumsticks in chests.
Nuts: Fast Tools: All workers gets 10% extra productivity.
Bran: Time Build: Decrease 10% time of building a room.
Shao ling: DNA research: Increase 25% damage at zombies.
Dimitri: Mining luck: Increase 25% reward of gems in chests.
Kelvin: Letter matter: Gets a chance of getting a Rare card in chests.

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