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Update suggestions

Postby RyanTheNarrator » Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:23 pm

Hi, all gamers and makers of zombie faction.

Let me see if I can confirm this update........

-New survivors!

-Meet Andy, the Guerrilla.
He was an Elite soldier of the organization. unfortunately all of his men were killed. it's up to him to survive this zombie infestation!
-His Light-machine gun Inflicts fast but low damage in a distance,good against groups of enemies.
Skill: Raging Fire
Fires 20 shots total at a group of enemies in a room with high attack speed.
Range: 6 metres

-Meet Carson, the Rugby player.
He was a star player of the american football.he was a quarterback of the line,and he will crush zombies along the way because he was excited.
-He can take a lot of damage,but he inflicts strong damage, good against melee enemies.
Skill: Charge!
He will tackle in full speed,damaging and stuns multiple enemies in an area.
Range: 1 metres

-Andy is a Epic,placed in Putrid moorland (decaying wasteland)
-Carson is a Legendary,placed in radioactive zone.

Scavenge modes. (Tired of playing player battle modes?) Get into zombie hives and start battling at zombies in real time! Defeat the source of the zombie virus (Special zombies),and plunder the warehouse too! it won't increase fame,but you can receiving chests!

Upcoming Wars in Faction list: Suggestions

The best Clan who had the most total fame wins various rewards!

Attack your rivals or your clan players in PVP assaults in an Arena.

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